Jay ( Jagdish) vyas
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We foreign citizens living in India and/or frequently visiting India are facing such different situations where we feel the need to have our own network.

www.USCITIZENS.IN is a common platform for us. This is a volunteer services started by Jay (Jagdish) Vyas.

Jay is an American citizen lived in USA for 25+ years; he is involved in Indian communities in USA/Canada and UK. He has travelled more than 29 states of USA to promote Gujarati and Hindi language learning educational tools in the form of a CD-ROM. While travelling all over America he has built a good sized network and learned of so many issues related to our community members there.

With help of these websites, we want to build a bridge between Indians living in western countries and India. We are thousands of families of US and foreign citizens of Indian origin living here in India mainly Gujarat. Moreover, now thousands of families are moving or planning to move back to India for various reasons.

We all know that now India offers a more than satisfactory living conditions which is affordable and safe. Health care services have improved a lot in last 10 years. Standard of living also can be tailored according to our requirements. For retired life, India offers many good opportunities. Our young generation born in western countries can also be motivated to visit India.

We have many such common interests to build a stronger bonding between India and Indians living abroad.

Your ideas, comments, suggestions and commitment are always welcome. This is a beginning and together we want to create a stronger community of overseas Indians living in India.

We request you to register here and participate in our noble cause for which we want to see a greater strength of togetherness.

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